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Hemp is a Sensible, Sustainable, Highly-Industrializable Plant

We should utilize it. Hemp could solve many problems.

END PROHIBITION. It is NOT just about smoking.


This is wonderful.

Cannabis plant is illegal cuz all those big business men would lose so much money if we legalized it… It’s all about profit

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My tumble stone/small crystals.


Hey tumblr people!

So I started making jewelry and knits.. I would greatly appreciate if you could help me out by liking my fb page : and check out VibeTribeApparel on etsy!

Thank you all, much love and namaste! ॐ


Phosphenes - The colors or 
stars you see when you rub your eyes

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"My father had taught me to be nice first, because you can always be mean later, but once you’ve been mean to someone, they won’t believe the nice anymore. So be nice, be nice, until it’s time to stop being nice, then destroy them."


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Finger Peace Sign